Elektrovod Žilina, s.r.o. – modern company with history reaching to 1950

Elektrovod Žilina, a.s. is a machine engineering company with the main manufacturing program of welded and bolted steel lattice constructions with the hot galvanization finish, respectively with subsequent paint coating for 110kV-400kV voltage tower structures. Portfolio of the commodities is supplemented by the rolled steel sections from the components of the distribution points to big antenna holder structures – for example the biggest antenna mast produced in our company is located in French town Limoges (250 m antenna, Limoges, France)

Significant part of the manufacture is destined for foreign markets in Europe and beyond, including such exotic locations as the South Pole, where we delivered the structure of a homing system (the most exotic place, the South Pole).

Certainly not less significant are the Slovak and Czech markets and it is our aspiration to execute as many projects as possible in the Slovak market.

A specific area is the production, delivery and assembly of crash barrier systems for all types of roads. Specifically we are producing the crash barrier system Kremsbarrier, which is being produced under license of Voest Alpine Krems.

The advantage of the company is its own zinc works and the possibility of further paint finish directly on the company premises.